07 Des

First of all let us give thanks to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala for enjoyment of healthy
secondly sholawat and salam sent to habibina wa syafiina
waqurrotu a’yunina Sayyidina wamaulanna muhammadin ssollaallohu tasliman katsiro alaihi wa sallam. we’ll look forward to his Intercessory tomorrow on the Day of Judgement

well, my speech with the title of the philosophy of the plow. what is the meaning of the plow? by Sunan Kalijaga, the plow in the Java language are “luku” …
plow has certain parts that are interconnected and complementary, which makes it a functional tool that efficiently and effectively.
First, “cekelan” or handles. That is, that human life should have a handle, or in his popular language of life.
And Allah said in holy qur’an

Second, “pancadan” or pedestal. The purpose of this object is a symbol of deeds.
all science or knowledge should be in the resume practicing. In Islam, every person who has knowledge of science or knowledge of religion should resume practicing. There are also suggestions “, which you can convey knowledge of the Qur’an, even though only one verse.” Therefore, guidelines must be held live on resume practicing with others. so we are not called jarkoni (biso ngajar ora biso nglakoni).

The third section “tandhing” or pegs. It means to compare compare. Here, not in the sense of envy. but science is a means for comparison we can determine exactly, what is the best choice from various options. we have a way of life itself, of course there are others outside our guidelines, it will definitely appear comparison

The fourth part of the plow is a tool singkal or inverting the soil.
singkal briefly interpret this to mean
“Sing sugih akal”.
{Rich or extent of his thinking}.
. So students should not be quick to give in to fate, or who called fatalist, but must work hard and think smart to deal with replication or semester final exams. as well as in life, but to remain guided by religion, we also need manambah science. because religion without science would be crippled. and his science without religion otherwise become blind.
The fifth section is called kejen or singkal eye. This word comes from keijen. that is, toward the one that is, only the mind, his determination rounded toward one goal or future goals. like in our prayers daily, survived the world and the hereafter. in his state for instance, aims to “baldhotun thoyibatun warobbun Ghofur”., or in a language ki dhalang “toto tenterm Karto Raharjo, gemah ripah loh jinawe

The sixth section is called olang aling. while traveling on a goal or their future goals, there must be an examination or obstacles that hinder. those who believe it’s not a man who never in the test, those who believe and love God in precisely those people who many of his obstacles. exam or constraints, or obstacles are always there before the journey of human life. that’s why people in compulsory tried, and must sugeh akale. man must not surrender to fate. or in the cool language of its thenguk thenguk nemhu kethuk.

the last section called racuk, tip plow. taken from the word arhah puchuk. mean direction of the front and top. that is, each face of the barrier we had to be patient, resignation, and sincere, though not what is become our future goals.

just got here, if there is an opportunity can be continued again.
if there are mistakes in my speech …..
I apologize.
thank you for his attention


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